3rd National Student Seminar on Agricultural Technology in 2018


With the theme of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering towards Sustainable Development Goals in 2030 This seminar is expected to provide ideas for supporting one of the visions of the United Nations. The seminar will be held on Monday, November 12, 2018 at the Hall of MM FEB UGM. Here is the keynote speaker who will fill this seminar:

  1. Ir. Desrial, M.Eng with a subtheme current development in agricultural machinery
  2. Dr. Effendy Mohammad Ya’acob with a subtheme current development in drying technology for agricultural products
  3. Diana Suhardiman, Ph.D. with subthemes water and land management in agriculture


Technical Paper Presentations

Also in this seminar can be presented a paper that you created after keynote speaker. There are three sub-themes to present a paper that is

1. Land and Water Engineering
Field of Irrigation Engineering, Water Management, Soil, Watershed, Evaluation of Agricultural Land Development

2. Energy and Machinery Engineering
Fields of agricultural sience and machinery, Energy in agriculture, Management Information Systems, and Biosystems Informatics

3. Food Engineering
In the field of Processing Engineering, Handling and Safeguarding Food and Agricultural Poduct and building Agricultural Environment.



  1. Abstract Submission 27 August 2018
  2. Abstract Submission Deadline 15 October 2018
  3. Top 10 Sub-Themes Abstract per anouncement 16 October 2018
  4. Top 10 Abstract’s Registration 16 October 2018
  5. Top 10 Abstract’s Registration Deadline 31 October 2018
  6. Presentation in Yogyakarta 12 November 2018


How to Submit

  1. Please download the abstract template ly/abstracttemplateARCXPTPN and your submission should be submitted in English.
  2. Please submit your abstract to ugm@gmail.com with the subject “Abstract Submission: [registered’s initiative’s name]”
  3. Please send biography together with the abstract.
  4. Once you are submitted, you must be send a confirmation to Syahna +6287734262042 with the format “Abstract Submission: [registered’s initiative’s name]”
  5. 10 Abstract per category will be announced on permateta.tp.ugm.ac.id
  6. If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to register for the National Student Seminar # 3 ARC & PTPNX 2018. At least one of the authors of the paper must register and pay the registration.


How to Register

  1. Download your registration form from ly/formregistrationARCXPTPN
  2. Send your registration form, paper and payment proof to ugm@gmail.com with the title “Paper Registration: [registered’s initiative’s name]”
  3. Once you are registered, you must be send a confirmation to Syahna +6287734262042 with the format of “Paper Registration: [registered’s initiative’s name]”



  1. The best paper per category
  2. The best presentation per category
  3. Most favorite per category